SHEFFIELD CD 14/20: Sheffield Drum and Track Record, 1982 OOP NM
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Background for this item -
About Sheffield Lab: The brainchild of musician, Lincoln Mayorga and engineer, Doug Sax, the award-winning natural sound of Sheffield Lab has been recognized throughout the world as the reference standard for musical and sonic excellence. Sheffield is the label that single-handedly brought audiophile recordings to high profile status with the astonishingly realistic quality of its direct-to-disc recordings.

The Sheffield Lab Drum and Track Disc is an audio reference CD ideal for testing all kinds of sound systems. As its title suggests, it begins with two drum improvisations -- by Jim Keltner and Ron Tutt, respectively -- before offering up instrumentals like "Le Ballade," "Wise to the Lines," and James Newton Howard's "Amuseum." While it may not be the most-listened-to album in your collection, Sheffield Lab Drum and Track Disc can come in handy for testing out audio equipment. ~ Heather Phares

This listing is for an out of print and very rare audiophile CD title - an OPEN, Near MINT CD PRESSED and ISSUED by SHEFFIELD LAB of a highly collectible title from their out of print catalog - this is a superb SAMPLER / DEMO title featuring -

Various Artists - see below

CD Title -

Track Listing -
1 - Amuseum - J. N. Howard, W. S. Howard - 4:15
2 - The Higher You Rise - J. Gruska, P. Gordon - 4:05
3 - Wise To The Lines - R. Buchanan, C. Dore - 4:00
4 - Le Ballade - R. Buchanan - 3:35
5 - Ron Tutt - drum track - 6:27
6 - Jim Keltner - drum track - 7:09

The CD is from the ultra-rare SHEFFIELD LAB series of audiophile CDs (out of print).

CD made in the USA
CD issued in 1982 - first pressing of this title! - This is NOT a reissue - it is the ORIGINAL, first pressing!!
CD catalog # CD 14 / 20

The CD, JEWEL CASE and inserts are in NEAR MINT condition - the CD may have a slight mark or two on the reflective side (however we could not see anything that resembled a mark, even under strong, white light). The jewel case has a small crack on the front, top, right corner. When play tested on our audio system, the CD performed PERFECTLY!

The CD is an audiophile quality pressing (any collector of fine MFSL, half speeds, direct to discs, Japanese/UK pressings etc., can attest to the difference a quality pressing can make to an audio system).

Don't let this rarity slip by!!!

  • Item #: Sheffield Lab CD-14/20 NM
  • Manufacturer: Sheffield Lab Recordings
  • Condition: Used

SHEFFIELD CD 14/20: Sheffield Drum and Track Record, 1982 OOP NM

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