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Background on this item -
PROPRIUS of SWEDEN is a well known audiophile label. Their music software (CD and LP) competes with the likes of other grand audiophile labels like; MFSL, Sheffield Lab, Reference Recordings, Wilson Audio, Opus 3, Mark Levinson, etc..

Proprius is a small Swedish recording company that brought us some of the most famous audiophile titles ever released. Most of the Proprius titles are fantastically recorded, but four titles in particular stick out in our mind as simply superb - Cantate Domino, Kornet Har Sin Vila (Green Blade Riseth), Jazz at the Pawnshop and Antiphone Blues. These are all SPECTACULAR recordings that should be in EVERYONE'S collection regardless of whether you are an audiophile or a music lover!

PROPRIUS Records LP - WHITE & RED record labels with BLACK lettering (see pictures)
Record Made in: SWEDEN
Pressing is in STEREO
Record Speed: 33 1/3 rpm
Record Made in: 1986 (original, first pressing)
Record Catalog Number: PROP 9970

This listing is for a very rare audiophile LP title featuring -
Carl Michael BELLMAN

Performers on this title include -
Peter Ekberg Pelz, vocals

LP Title -
ARJAG FODD SA VILL JAG LEVA! - Peter Ekberg Pelz sjunger Carl Michael Bellman

Tracks -
1. Epistel Nr 51 - Movitz blaste en konsert...1:00
2. Epistel Nr 69 - Se dansmastarn Mollberg, broder...3:30
3. Epistel Nr 71 - Ulla, min Ulla...4:00
4. Epistel Nr 23 - Ack, du min moder...5:20
5. Vaggvisa for min son Carl...3:40
6. Epistel Nr 72 - Glimmande nymf...7:15
7. Epistel Nr 73 - Fan i fatoljerna!...2:35
8. Epistel Nr 2 - Na, skruva fiolen...2:40
9. Epistel Nr 35 - Broderna fara val vilse ibland...4:05
10. Epistel Nr 12 - Grat, fader Berg...4:15
11. Epistel Nr 34 - Ack, vad for en usel koja!...2:45
12. Epistel Nr 30 - Drick ur ditt glas, se doden pa dig vantar...7:50

The LP jacket is in Mint condition.
The jacket is completely solid and intact with no seam splits! It shows virtually no shelf wear as it is brand new - perhaps a slight corner bend at most - this item is factory sealed.  
The jacket has NO drill holes or saw marks of any kind.
There is NO hand writing on the front or the back of the jacket.
The cover has clean and sharp colors - see pictures with this listing for more detail.

The LP (vinyl) itself:
The LP is assumed to be in MINT condition as this item is BRAND NEW and SEALED!! - A finer copy of this LP would be very difficult to find.
This is the superb copy you have always wanted in your collection - any super picky audiophile should be happy with this one!
As for any record, even brand new ones, for best results we recommend a thorough record cleaning before playing!

A Short Note About LP GRADING -
Mint {M} = Only used for sealed items.
Near Mint {NM} = Virtually flawless in every way.
Near Mint Minus {NM-} = Item has some minor imperfections, some audible.
Excellent {EXC} = Item obviously played and enjoyed with some noise.
Very Good Plus {VG+} = Many more imperfections which are noticeable and obtrusive.

Don't let this rarity slip by!!!

  • Item #: Proprius LP PROP 9970 SS
  • Manufacturer: Proprius, Prophone, Map, Swedish Society Recordings
  • Condition: New


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