OPUS 3 LP 8206: Louis VIERNE Symphony No. 5 - TOREN, OOP 1982 NU
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Background on this item -
OPUS 3 Records of SWEDEN is a well known audiophile label. Their music software (CD and LP) competes with the likes of other audiophile labels like; MFSL, Sheffield Lab, Reference Recordings, Wilson Audio, Proprius, Mark Levinson, etc..

The company is a small independent Swedish recording company dedicated to recording timeless acoustical music such as jazz, folk, and classical. What makes their recordings so special? -

  • Opus 3's aim is to reproduce voices and instruments as naturally and accurately as possible.
  • To attain the above goals, the company chooses recording environments with good natural ambiance.
  • The musicians placement is also carefully planned so that the best possible musical communication between the players and the venue is attained.
  • They avoid all forms of device and electronic manipulation that could change the natural sound.
  • Their recordings try to recreate and give the listener the best possible feeling and atmosphere that were felt at the moment of recording!

If you haven't done so already, give a few of the Opus 3 titles a spin, you won't be sorry!

OPUS 3 Records LP - BROWN record labels with BLACK lettering
Record Made in: SWEDEN
Pressing is in STEREO
Record Speed: 33 1/3 rpm
Record Made in: 1982
Record Catalog Number: LP 8206

This listing is for a very rare, out of print LP title featuring the music of -


LP Title -

Performers on this title include -
Torvald Toren, organ

Track Listing -
Louis Vierne - Symphonie No. 5 Op. 47 -
1. Grave...7:34
2. Allegro...6:32
3. Scherzo...3:50
4. Larghetto...10:12
5. Final...8:43

The Gate-fold LP jacket is in Mint condition. The jacket is completely intact, with NO seam splits, and show virtually no shelf wear - perhaps a slight corner bend at most - it is BRAND NEW!

The LP (vinyl) itself:
The LP is assumed to be in Mint condition! It is actually BRAND NEW and NEVER PLAYED. As collectors of this label should be aware, these records did not come sealed in cellophane plastic from the manufacturer.

As for any record, even brand new ones, for best results we recommend a thorough record cleaning before playing!

A Short Note About LP GRADING -
Mint {M} = Only used for sealed items.
Near Mint {NM} = Virtually flawless in every way.
Near Mint Minus {NM-} = Item has some minor imperfections, some audible.
Excellent {EXC} = Item obviously played and enjoyed with some noise.
Very Good Plus {VG+} = Many more imperfections which are noticeable and obtrusive.

Don't let this rarity slip by!!!

  • Item #: Opus 3 LP 8206 NEW
  • Manufacturer: Opus 3 Records
  • Condition: New

OPUS 3 LP 8206: Louis VIERNE Symphony No. 5 - TOREN, OOP 1982 NU

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