COLUMBIA 5-LPs M5S-677: BEETHOVEN Late Quartets BUDAPEST - 1970s
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Background on this item -
This listing is for a very rare 5-LP set, featuring the Beethoven Late String Quartets, played by the Budapest String Quartet. Highly sought after performances of these classic chamber works. This set has a mix of record labels, two of which are the famous Columbia "2-Eye" vintage. We suspect that the records are all from that era, they simply ran out of the 2-eye labels and used the brown label you see in some of our pictures of this item. All the LPs are made in the USA. The set comes with a superb book (the item in red that you see in our pics). Multiple pages in size and dated 1962 when this set was originally issued on vinyl. These records are most likely from the early 1970's, although we can't be sure since there is no date on the records to indicate the date of manufacture.

COLUMBIA Records 5-LP set - this item has 2 types of record labels in the set, see our pics for details. Typically the set has the GRAY record labels with BLACK and some WHITE lettering, otherwise known as the Columbia “2-EYE” vintage and the other labels are BROWN with BLACK and ORANGE lettering - see pictures for more detail
Record Made in the USA
Pressing is in STEREO
Record Speed: 33 1/3 rpm
Record Made in: 1970’s - we are not sure though as there is no date of issue on the actual LPs or the box. The only date we can find is on the multi-page booklet that comes with the set indicating an issue date of 1962.
Record Catalog Number: M5S 677
Long out of print and highly sought after set.
Set comes with an extensive multi-page and informative LIBRETTO
LPs are housed in an outer box - which is very heavy and solid

This listing is for a very rare, out of print 5-LP set featuring the music of -


Title -
THE LATE QUARTETS - OPUS 127, 130, 131, 132, 133, 135

Performers on this title include -
The Budapest String Quartet:
Joseph Roisman, violin
Alexander Schneider, violin
Boris Kroyt, viola
Mischa Schneider, cello

Track listings -
1. Beethoven Late Quartets, Op. 127 / 130 / 131 / 132 / 133 / 135

The BOX is in Near Mint minus condition.
The Box is completely intact - NO SPLITS of any kind. There is some very mild shelf wear evident, primarily along the seams and corners. The gold lettering on the spine is all intact.
The Box has NO drill holes or saw marks of any kind.
There is NO hand writing on any part of the box.
The Box has clean, sharp colors, with just a bit of color foxing happening on the front - see pictures for more detail.
The set comes complete with a lovely multi-page, full size, libretto in near mint condition!

The LP (vinyl) itself:
The LPs are in Near Mint minus condition!
Given the age of these LPs, they are in outstanding condition. The LPs retain much of the original gloss and sheen. They almost look perfect, with just a couple of very, very light marks, but nothing serious that would detract from the playing or performance when listening.
The records may have a couple of light marks on them (although we could not really see anything under strong light), obviously well taken care of. The LPs have been play graded and they are in near mint minus condition throughout. These LPs may have a light mark or two (spider marks) which are caused by sliding the LP in and out of the inner sleeve and are usually not audible on most audio systems - as for any record, we recommend a thorough cleaning before playing!
The LPs have NO spindle marks to speak of...just lovely!!
This is an exceptional copy of a super rare item.

Please understand that this is a vintage LP set - as such, one cannot expect the vinyl to sound like a brand new, audiophile pressing! Some noise is inevitable - for best results, always properly clean your LPs before playing them (even brand new LPs).

The LP is an audiophile quality pressing (any collector of fine MFSL, half speeds, direct to discs, Japanese/UK pressings etc., can attest to the difference a quality pressing can make to an audio system).

A Short Note About LP GRADING -
Mint {M} = Only used for sealed items.
Near Mint {NM} = Virtually flawless in every way.
Near Mint Minus {NM-} = Item has some minor imperfections, some audible.
Excellent {EXC} = Item obviously played and enjoyed with some noise.
Very Good Plus {VG+} = Many more imperfections which are noticeable and obtrusive.

Don't let this rarity slip by!!!

  • Item #: Columbia 5LPs M5S 677 NM
  • Manufacturer: Columbia Records
  • Condition: Used

COLUMBIA 5-LPs M5S-677: BEETHOVEN Late Quartets BUDAPEST - 1970s

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