BEATLES POSTER - issued by Toshiba/EMI in early 1980's for CDs
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Background for this listing -
Back in the early 1980's, we believe it was in 1982 actually, Toshiba - EMI issued the Beatles LP catalog on Japanese made and re-mastered CDs for the first time. These were gorgeous Japanese made, audiophile collectibles that all Beatle collectors lust for. Accompanying this first Japanese CD issue, to help sell the product, was the poster you see with this listing. These posters were made for retail stores only at the time. They are PROMO items, not intended to be sold. Of course, being Beatles related meant that collectors would try to get their hands on a copy of this rare poster for their collections - as we did!

The poster has never been used. It has been rolled up as posters normally are, and kept safely stored for many years. The first time it was ever unrolled was to take the pictures you see with this ebay listing.

Size of the poster is 20.25" wide by 28.75" tall. No holes, no fading, near mint except for some small amount of wrinkling along the outside edges of the poster.

We have never seen this item for sale before so the rarity of this item is huge! Most of these posters were used by retail stores at the time to help sell the Beatle CDs, so most did not even survive.

Note the bottom corners of the poster indicating that it was issued by Toshiba - EMI Ltd., and that the poster was a "Not For Sale" promotional item.

This is a great opportunity to get something art related for your Beatles collection, sound room, etc.. Hey, it's a great picture featuring the young Beatles at their prime as a band!!

Don't let this rare item slip away!!

  • Item #: Beatles Poster Toshiba / EMI
  • Manufacturer: Toshiba - EMI Recordings
  • Condition: New

BEATLES POSTER - issued by Toshiba/EMI in early 1980's for CDs

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