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Our FOCUS has always been to help our customers locate the BEST and RAREST Music on Vinyl LP and CD for their Collections!

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We were collectors first! We loved music, but were not impressed with the sound of some titles. We discovered that some vinyl just sounded better than others. Why? This is what inspired us to search endlessly for the best sounding vinyl LP and CD titles.

Equipment vs. CDs or LPs?


We found that excellent audio gear could always be found and purchased. However, the best sounding audiophile LPs and CDs were disappearing as fast as they came to market! This is why we decided to focus on collecting the music instead of the hardware. And we are certainly glad we did!

What do YOU collect?


If you collect CDs or vinyl LPs, in our website you'll find an extensive collection of high quality music - from classical to jazz and almost everything in between! Limited Editions, Audiophile Vinyl, GOLD CDs, XRCDs and even RSD titles - we have a selection that is sure to please the most discriminating audiophile & music collector. Take a peek - you never know what you'll find!



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