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Background on this item -
The XRCD represents JVC’s continuing commitment to the pursuit of digital audio perfection. This ongoing evolution of the XRCD series allows the discerning listener to participate in the results of JVC’s research and development in both mastering and manufacturing, hardware and methodology. As with the entire XRCD series, no proprietary chips, processors, or special compact disc players are required to enjoy the sonic benefits of the XRCD.

James Newton Howard - Experience the definitive version of this audiophile classic! The original Lab 23 analog master tape has been re-mastered by Gavin Lurssen and Doug Sax, to bring you the highest possible sonic quality. James Newton Howard is a highly-regarded composer for film and television, with credits that include Prince of Tides, Alive, Dave, Grand Canyon, Promised Land, Wyatt Earp and the hit TV series, ER. He was joined on this project by members of the legendary rock super-group, Toto, which featured the unequalled brilliance of Jeff Porcaro on drums, and a dazzling display of three virtuoso keyboard artists on nine Yamaha synthesizers. 20+16.

Instead of improving the software technology like other formats do, JVC has chosen to do some serious homework on the hardware side. Developed from its well-known K2, 20-bit proprietary digital processor, engineers at JVC Mastering Center spared no effort in refining and extending the K2 system into a K2 24-bit configuration. The most remarkable breakthrough is the application of a unique timing system called "Rubidium RF Distribution" technology. Instead of using crystal as the medium for laser clocking, they implemented a timing system based on rubidium, a rare material that is used for space applications. This device is 10,000 times more accurate than conventional crystal clocks. In a nutshell, XRCD24 produces the finest analog sound: warm, musical and dynamic, but in a normal 16-bit PCM digital format, meaning the disc is playable by any CD player without any additional equipment or a different player!

XRCD - JVC // FIM / LIM - SHEFFIELD LAB CD item - this item is OPENED, in NEAR MINT condition
XRCD was made in JAPAN
Pressing is in STEREO
Pressed and Issued by JVC // FIM / LIM - Sheffield Lab Recordings
XRCD version of this audiophile issue is on the XRCD 24-bit format using K2 Technology - out of print
XRCD issued in: 2003
XRCD Record Catalog Number: FIM XR 004

Featured on this XRCD -


XRCD Title -

Track Listing -
1. Caesar
2. Gone Buttlefishin'
3. She
4. L'Daddy
5. Tandoori
6. Borealis
7. E Minor Shuffle
8. Slippin' Away II
9. Amuseum

Performers include -
James Newton Howard, synthesizers
David Paich, synthesizers & grand piano
Steve Porcaro, synthesizers
Jeff Porcaro, drums
Joe Porcaro, percussion

The XRCD is from the very rare JVC // FIM / LIM - SHEFFIELD LAB Recordings series of out of print, audiophile CDs.

Extended Resolution - 24-bit Digital Technology, K2 Super Coding
Pictures with this listing are of the actual item
XRCD Produced by Winston Ma, original LP produced by Lincoln Mayorga & Doug Sax. Recording engineer on the original album was Bill Schnee, at Sheffield Lab Studios at MGM, Los Angeles, California, USA.
XRCD Mastering Engineer was Tohru Kotetsu, consultant was Tee Fujii.
Original album recorded on December 16, 17, 19, 1983
XRCD comes in a cardboard case, opens like a gate-fold...see pictures

The XRCD, JEWEL CASE and INSERTS are all in NEAR MINT condition. The XRCD may have a slight mark or two on the reflective side (although we could not see any marks under strong, white light). We play tested this item on our audio system and it performed PERFECTLY!!

The CD is an audiophile quality pressing (any collector of fine MFSL, half speeds, direct to discs, Japanese/UK pressings etc., can attest to the difference a quality pressing can make to an audio system).

Don't let this rarity slip by!!!

  • Item #: XRCD FIM / LIM XR 004 NM
  • Manufacturer: XRCD - FIM / LIM Series
  • Condition: Used


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